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KA sub page for the KA Hearth

I recently created a KA program for the KA Hearth, mostly for people to subscribe and get KA notifications for new posts.

Discoverablity is a relatively low priority for me with the Hearth. My goal is to document, so that there is written record of notable KA events and the technical analysis that I do, that otherwise isn’t shared. Indeed, the oldest Hearth post is dated Sep. 17th, but at that point I didn’t even have a website; the Github repository was created Oct 24th, and I don’t think I linked anyone to it until later.

I, of course, wanted the subscription page to be more than just a program with the name, so I put together a website with links to the posts on Github pages. I’ve said before, I don’t want the Hearth to live on KA. (There are two obvious reasons for this: more screen space, and less of an issue if my program gets hidden.)

I’m quite proud of the code for the code for the KA page. I do a couple of interesting things, including this trick to use ES6 on KA, and a variation of Bluebird’s auto-saving to improve the thumbnail. And the whole page is powered by ruby code (Github) that ties into Jekyll in order to generate JSON with the post links.

Update: The program has now been completely hidden.