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OurJSEditor (v1.0.0)

A project I’ve been working on for the past 3 years now, OurJSEditor, is entering the second stage of its life. Version 1.0.0 of this website launches today, Dec 31, 2019. It aims to replicate and extend the community features from the computing section of KA. In particular:

  1. Improve on KA’s community management. At least 3 of the 8 current Challenge Council members have been banned from the website at some point. KA continues to tighten moderation and stifle conversation, recently by disallowing links.
  2. Improve on the live editor. The live editor has not received new features or even bug fixes in years. Processing.js is archived. It’s very difficult to write a large-scale game or modern ES6 Javascript. OurJSEditor has native editor settings, support for ES6, and is flexible, allowing anything from Markdown to P5.js.
  3. Improve on KA’s website. OurJSEditor is designed to be lightweight, with the home page loading 34kb, compared to KA’s 1,200kb (113kb vs. 7,676kb total). And it’s entirely open source.
  4. Other countless features, like the ability to subscribe to a user natively. And as OJSE is in active development, it will only get better.

OurJSEditor was originally founded Feb. 13th, 2017, after Khan Academy shut down the live editor to community contributions, and rudely closed all open pull requests. A small group of KA members bet that we could make a website that matched KA’s editor, using only community contributions. I took that project and ran with it, paying for server hosting costs and doing most all of the development. However, the entire website’s code remains open source (Github), and contributions will always be welcome.

If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to head over to OurJSEditor.com and checkout some of the cool programs people there have been making. You can make an account to vote or comment on programs you like. And then try making a program yourself.